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A simpler way to print, an easier way to manage

Bt Cloud Challenges Vs Solutions Guy
Company-wide labeling inconsistency PRINT AND MANAGE YOUR LABELS
Non-compliant supply chain labeling DESIGN YOUR LABELS
Slow and error-prone manual processes EASILY CONNECT YOUR DATA
Inflexible hard-coded, printer-specific systems Integrate Business Applications
Unauthorized print runs with no control MANAGE YOUR SECURITY AND SYSTEMS
High labeling and IT maintenance costs On-demand and reliable performance

Achieve true labeling agility through the power of Cloud

(It's easier than you think.)

Achieve true labeling agility through the power of Cloud

(It's easier than you think.)

Free custom label designs for a limited time

Reclaim your time from designing your own labels. Our Label Design Services team will do it for you when you sign up for BarTender Cloud.

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Elevate all aspects of your labeling operations

Warehouse 955X402 (1)


On-the-spot printing of work-in-process, pick lists, distribution, receiving, asset tracking and baggage tagging labels

Manufacturing 955X402


Standardize asset and facility management and traceability labeling across multiple locations

Transportation Logistics 955X402

Transportation and Logistics

Accurate shipping labels printed right in front of the pallet, parcels or customer

External Suppliers 955X402

External suppliers

Easily set up and control label printing at the supplier or third-party logistics location

Product Id 955X402

Product Identification

On-demand product/shelf/price (e.g. food ingredient/allergen) labeling at each store location

Small Business 955X402

Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Dedicated single location printing customized retail signage or basic logistics labels


The cloud is the future of labeling

87 Percent Migration 550X360 (1)
80 Percent Operation Improvements 550X360 (1)
41 Percent Shift To Cloud 550X360

Integrations and connections

Integrators Connectors Collage 1656X509 (1)

The label you need is already waiting for you

The BarTender Label Template Library helps you save time and resources with pre-built, commonly used templates. BarTender Cloud customers gain direct access right from their BarTender Cloud account.

Template library

Frequently asked questions

  • What is BarTender Cloud?

    BarTender Cloud provides a simple, easy yet powerful labeling solution without the need for customers to install and maintain their own IT software and hardware - from Seagull Scientific, Inc., the global leader in software for labels, barcodes, documents, and RFID tags.

  • What are the system requirements for BarTender Cloud?

    BarTender Cloud will work from any supported web browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 and 11 PC/laptop, and from an Android and iOS mobile device.

  • What printers does BarTender Cloud support?

    BarTender Cloud supports any printer. With BarTender Intelligent Printing, you will not need to install or manage any printer drivers. BarTender Cloud will automatically detect connected printers and print using one of nearly 8,000 Seagull printer drivers to deliver a high-performance optimized print job.  For all other printers, print to PDF is available. 

  • How Secure is BarTender Cloud

    BarTender Cloud ensures that any data stored is safe through its architectural design, implementation, deployment, and ongoing management operations. Layered security controls including physical and logical, technical, and administrative controls which have been designed to protect customer data and reduce risk. BarTender Cloud also supports data encryption including data-in-transit and data-at-rest.

  • How is BarTender Cloud different from on-premises BarTender Software?

    BarTender Cloud has been designed to support label printing and management across multiple distributed internal or external supplier printing locations and requires no on-premises IT hardware/software and a reduced need for IT resources. BarTender Cloud is ideal for connecting to cloud databases and integrating with cloud ERP systems with industry standard label templates.

    BarTender software supports 20+ data connections along with local data sources and complex integrations to ERP, WMS, MES, and other business applications.  BarTender software also provides custom label design, full workflow approval and advanced security and printer controls.  BarTender software requires installation on hardware at printing locations.

Revolutionize the way you print and manage labels

Unparalleled mobility. Minimized IT burden. Centralized tracking and insights.


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